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Kek Chocolate Mouse

Special for my naqibah Puan Azian

Love u so much kak yan, and thank you so much for your everything

Indulgence Cake

Special for my mom birthday

Kek Chocolate Moist

s Puan Siti Zaleha (Pengerusi Aim) Sg. Sekamat, Kajang.

Walnut & Carrot Cake

Tempahan oleh usahawan gigih Puan Nellis untuk program Kelas mengaji di rumahnya.

Oreo Cheese Cake

This yummy & delicious cake!!!
Promotion during June
only RM 65 after this will be as before RM70

(To my customer-Honestly this is not real oreo biscuits.I have to change to cremeo cause my close friend told me there is nonhalal product inside oreo biscuits. But I'm not sure so more safe for me to put others biscuits but similar taste.)

New Versi of Walnut & Carrot Cake

During school holiday i make 2 cakes for my children. One requested by Najwa Nur Hajidah.She loves cheese very much so Oreo Cheese Cake with yummy & sweets of Cremeo inside there make they hunger everytime.

Walnut & Carrot cake, I made it with new version of chocolate topping ontop.Anyway i change from walnut to almond cause i love almond so much.

Carrot & Walnut Cake

Sila buat tempahan

Berat 1.5kg to 2 kg - Harga RM65